Getting Started with Zooxer

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Getting Started with Zooxer

The Zooxer installation is as simple as installing any other indicator, and in addition, to start working with the add-on, you must register the trading account on the License Management page. In any case, to make it easier for you, we have listed the process here step by step, and of course assuming that you are already registered users (so if you have not registered yet, this is the time!)

Step 1: Download the file from the Download page.

The download file comes with a Zip and includes 2 files:

Zooxer.ex4 – This is the file of the indicator itself, which should be placed in the directory of the indicators on your MetaTrader system. Located at the MetaTrader menu File->Open Data Folder and then you should open the MQL4/Indicators directory and place this file there.

Zooxer.tpl – an optional file of the recommended template for use, which should be placed in your MetaTrader Template Library. Under the MetaTrader menu, click File->Open Data Folder and then open the directory “templates” and place the file in there. Then, load the template into the Chart window by clicking the right mouse button and under the Templates->Load Template menu, select the Zooxer.tpl template file.  After loading the template, and so that each Chart from now on will open automatically with the same template, save the current template under the name default.tpl, by clicking the right the right mouse button and choosing the Templates->Save Template menu.


Step 2: Attaching the Zooxer to the chart window.

If you’ve used the zooxer.tpl template file and uploaded it to the Chart window, it will then appear automatically. Load a template by click on the right mouse button in the Chart window and choose the Template->Load option at the menu and then select your desired template.

In addition, make sure that you have enabled the use of the DLL in your MetaTrader options, otherwise, you will be notified that the system can not work. The option to use the DLL will be found in the Tools->Options menu and in the window that opens, select the Expert Advisors tab and then check the Allow DLL Imports option.

MetaTrader DLL Check


Another option (without the template above) is to load the Zooxer from the Indicators list. Our indicator will be found in the following menu: Insert->Indicators->Custom->Zooxer.

In this case, check the option to allow using DLL at the Indicator loading window (and there is no need to check it at the Main MetaTrader Options window).

Zooxer DLL Check

As already written, it’s recommended to save the window structure as a template so that each Chart window that opens will automatically display the Zooxer.


Step 3: Registering the MetaTrader account in the system

If your MetaTrader account is not yet registered in the system, you will not be able to work, and instead, you will receive a message asking you to register. In order to register your MetaTrader account in the system, enter into the License Management page on the site, located in the Personal Area menu that is available only if you are in Login mode on the site. On the management page, enter the server name of the account and the account number. You can easily copy them from the Main Options pane at the Zooxer (click on the button at the upper left corner of the Zooxer)

Zooxer Register Parameters

After registering, press the Reload button on the Zooxer message and you are inside.

To familiarize yourself with the system, we recommend that you read the Overview page at the site.

Good Luck!!

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