Yes. The use of the system is free and unlimited until further notice.

Unfortunately, at this point, the Zooxer works on Meta Trader 4 only. 
We hope to continue producing a version for Meta Trader 5 as well.

The Zooxer system requires registration of user licenses, while each license directed to a specific account at the Metatrader, in order to enable efficient and convenient use, as well as dedicated services and user notifications, enforcement of terms of use, etc.

Sending the email to confirm user registration may take a few minutes.
If you did not receive the email after a while, please check your Spam library.
If you still can not find the email, you may make a mistake registering your email address, please try to register again or alternatively contact us.

To prevent accumulation of unverified users, the system automatically deletes unverified users after two weeks from the day of registration.

The License Management page is only available to registered users who have logged into the site, and it is under the Personal Area menu.
If you do not see the menu of the personal area then you are probably not connected to the site as a user.

In order to prevent the accumulation of useless information in the system, licenses that were registered but not activated are automatically deleted from the system within 24 to 48 hours. There is nothing to prevent you from registering your account again and running the license within 24 hours.

License activation is automatically executed at the first login to MetaTrader with the registered account.

The Account Type is a data obtained from your MetaTrader and we have no control over it. You need to check with your supplier about why your account is listed in MetaTrader as Real, although it is only a Demo. From past experience, it is usually a small fault with the supplier that can be arranged without any problem.

Generally, a Connection Failed message is not related to the client side but is due to some problem in the server. It’s a good idea to wait a while and then press the Reload button to check if the connection is back. If the problem lasts a long time then it is worth trying to close and reopen the Meta Trader, and if that does not help then we would be happy to contact us and try to understand together what the problem is.