The Zooxer system is a private initiative and at this stage, it is not yet a company. The system was developed by Sharon Aharonov (see below) initially as a development for personal use. Over the years, more and more elements were added to the tool, that made it a very useful and essential tool for Forex trading, Which led to the conclusion that it is possible and even worthwhile to share this tool with other users, thereby bringing about its further development and optimization.

In order to provide an answer to the use of the system by external users, the entire issue of registration of licenses through the site, user messaging system, information security and more were developed in the system as well. Here is the place to say that we would be very happy to receive comments and ideas for improvement, so do not hesitate to use our feedback page that available to registered users.

Sharon Aharonov

Software developer, entrepreneur

Hi everyone, my name is Sharon and I live in Israel. I have been developing software for many years, somewhere before the year 2000, and have been dealing with the capital and foreign exchange market since 2008. During these years I also studied film, radio, and other nice fields, but I have not yet gone out with it, hoping that in the future I will  🙂

I started developing the Zooxer a few years ago to present me as much data as I needed and wanted to know before I decided to open any position. Then I added more and more options such as the sensor that helps me save time searching for the pairs that are relevant to me right now, based on parameters I can define, and focus on them without dispersing too much, and so on, more interesting options have been added over time that you will discover while using the tool, and more will be added later.

For me, this tool is very helpful and in recent years I have not traded forex without it. I hope that it will benefit you as well and that you will enjoy using it.

My personal e-mail: sharon@zooxer.net